The application of the remote sensed data to real life situations will be as varied as the 'business managers' receiving the data.  

As each agricultural business is different the use of the information derived from this technology will range from its most basic form, as a confirmation of historical practices, to its most advanced form in underpinning day to day changes in business decision making.

Below is a potential list of applications for Pastures from Space information which would assist farmers with management decisions and deliver benefits to most enterprises:

  • Feed budgeting/rotational grazing to maximize pasture and animal production from dairy, sheep and beef enterprises

  • Management of pasture and pasture 'Mix' in pasture renovation programs

  • Strategic application of fertilizer

  • Developing products (e.g. wool, meat) to specification through grazing to target levels of FOO

  • Diagnostic tool to identify spatial distribution of limitation to production eg weeds, pests, nutrients, disease.

  • Identifying land management zones 

  • Managing erosion by setting targets for ground cover going into summer

  • Risk management

  • Time-efficient and cost-effective management tool

  • Automation of routine farm practices

  • Precision Agriculture, whole farm


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